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Scale-independent pixel

Scale-independent pixel (sp, sip) is very similar unit to Density-independent pixel (dp, dip). The only direfence is that Scale-independent pixel is affected by the font size defined by user in system settings. This unit is the best choice for defining the font size and other font related dimensions.

How to convert pt to sp?

In Photoshop and other common graphics design programs, font sizes are defined in pt units, so you need to convert pt to sp for design implementation. Fortunately this is very simple. If your Photoshop file density is set to 72 DPI (default), one pt is equal to one pixel and the same rules as for Density-independent pixel work. For example 42 pt font in design for 480 DPI (xxhdpi) devices is 14 sp, because 1sp = 3pt for this device density.

How can users change font size

Users can set their phone to use bigger or smaller fonts in Settings -> Accessibility -> Font size. The standard value is Medium. You can read how to measure current font size.
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