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Android display densities

Android device can be based on one of several display density categories. The higher category (DPI) you have, the finer display you have. 

Why is density important

Unlike Windows and other desktop platforms, Android works with density to provide the best experience for users.  You can read about the density independence mechanism in articles about Density-independent pixel (dp, dip) and Scale-independent pixels (sp).

Density table

Following table shows the list of all density categories on Android platform.

Density iPhone Device examples
120 DPI ldpi - HTC Desire
160 DPI mdpi non-retina T-Mobile G1, HTC Legend
213 DPI tvdpi - Nexus 7
240 DPI hdpi - Google Nexus One, HTC Desire
320 DPI xhdpi retina Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3
480 DPI xxhdpi - Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5
640 DPI xxxhdpi -
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