Pixel Ruler

Rule your Android and iOS design.
Measuring pixels in Android browser
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Swipe to dock feature
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Triple click zoom Android
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Holo & iOS 8 design

Designed for Android Holo and iOS 8 devices.

Support for PX, DP, SP, PT units

Enjoy measuring in pixels, density-independent pixel and scale-independent pixels.

Swipe to dock

Minimalize rulers to small dock icon with simple swipe. (Android only)

Zoom support

Supports zooming on iOS. With Android Magnification gestures enabled you can zoom your screen with tripple click.


Google Play

Android version of the app.

App Store

Download iPhone and iPad app.


Contact me!

Your feedback is highly appreciated. Simply send an email to skoumal@skoumal.net and say Hello!

Press kit

Screenshots, large icon, press release.